When you know you made the right decision.


Today was the start of my second week here in Salt Lake City and I’m ready to go. Living out of a hotel room isn’t my scene.

Today at work was more simulator work and by the end of the day my eyes were burning. The excitement of the simulator has worn off now that I’ve actually driven a truck. While the scenarios it takes me through are interesting, I’ve been through them enough times that I’m bored.

Upon arriving back at the hotel I noticed some take out menu’s for a restaurant called Zilla’s and chuckled to myself. I had left my Godzilla at home while training but here was the universe reminding me that even though I feel a bit of frustration today, I’m here for a reason and everyday can’t be wonderful but it can be right.

Today I found out that I may be taking my test even earlier than I had anticipated. The tester said he put me on the schedule for Friday and I might be freaking out a bit. I will talk to my trainer on Wednesday as I don’t believe I’ll have memorized the pre-trip sequence by then. I feel good with everything else but that part. I’m not going to stress but rather just keep plugging along.

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