Musings during downtime…


Last night I picked up a load in New Jersey that needed to be in New Hampshire before Midnight. Unfortunately I don’t have another load yet so it looks like this is the end for this year.

One quick thing about last nights trip…I drove a mother trucking semi over the mother trucking George Washington Bridge and survived New York City Traffic.

Yeah, you’re right, I do feel like a bad ass.

The area I delivered to was a dead zone after midnight, so we headed back into Massachusetts to a tiny truck stop with an awesome diner.

Fun fact: I love old diners and greasy spoons. They always make me smile and I could sit and people watch in them for hours.

This place was no exception and I loved every moment. That is until I took a look at their jukebox.

Nickelback? For reals? This place lost so many cool points. Luckily the food redeemed itself and I went to bed with a full tummy and excited to get off the truck.

After a great nights sleep (I definitely sleep better when the wheels aren’t moving) I crossed the frozen parking lot to have some breakfast while I waited for my trainer to wake up. Upon walking in the waitresses were singing and dancing to Pearl Jam and the kerfuffle of Nickelback being on the jukebox was completely forgiven.

After eating I made my way back to the truck to finalize my plans…or get them as final as I could. I started looking at Amtrak tickets and realized I could still head to Chicago and see my family. I started making plans to do just this but then I thought, how often do I get a chance to hang in NYC for NYE? Choosing the new over the familiar I jumped in an Uber in Albany and set out for the Train Station.

So now, dear readers, yours truly is headed into New York City to see friends I rarely get to see and to try to stay out of trouble. That might be the hardest part of this trip.

This may be my last entry until next year, but don’t fret, I will fill you in on all the appropriate juiciness of my time in the big apple. For the inappropriate bits you’re going to have to at least get me inebriated first.

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, and Best Festivus for the rest of you beautiful people. Sending you all some love and hugs on this holiday season. ❤️💋

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