Seasons Greetings and a clarification…


I was recently asked “What is a Zilla?” For those wondering, Zilla is my lovely retro Godzilla toy that was gifted to me years ago. He has been my co-pilot since leaving Chicago heading West in 2016.

It was not always easy keeping him entertained but he seemed to be surprised and excited at every new thing we saw.

After 4000 miles without a single argument, I realized he was the perfect traveling companion.

He is currently back home in Washington waiting for me to get my own truck. You see, he can sometimes be a bit grumpy and I didn’t want to wake up one morning and find he had stepped on or eaten my trainer. I mean, how would one go about explaining that to their boss?

My Zilla will be joining me on the road in 2018. Until then, may this holiday season bring you love, laughter, and a wee bit of weird.

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