And away we go…again


This beast will be my home for the next 10,000 miles. She’s pretty sexy and the love and attention my new trainer has put into her shows me his dedication to his job.

After two false starts I was feeling dejected and a bit depressed. After a few days here I finally met my new trainer, Bug.

I told him I would try to refrain from quoting Uncle Buck.

I also told him that I would most likely fail because, well I know myself.

Bug, who’s real name is Kevin but prefers Bug, is originally from Chicago. We instantly bonded over food, people who don’t know how to drive in the winter, and our love of Doctor Who.

After talking for two hours I was almost near tears. Here is the trainer I was looking for since the beginning. I guess I just needed to get to Springfield to meet him.

I haven’t done much exploring around Springfield. I instead used my time to recharge my batteries for the next push in this training program.

One interesting thing I learned about Springfield, MO is that it is considered to be the home of Cashew Chicken. In Washington you ca easily find Pho, Teriyaki, and coffee. Here they have Cashew Chicken shops dotted around town. I didn’t partake because I don’t particularly care for the dish as it doesn’t have the flavor profile I like. Maybe next time I’ll give it a try but for now I chose to skip it.

We have a preplan and we’re headed to Ontario, CA. I’m ready for some warmer weather.




One thought on “And away we go…again

  1. Nancy

    Hi TJ. So glad you found a great trainer. Seems you had to kiss a couple frogs before you found your prince. Stay safe, eyes on the road, and soak in the CA sun!


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