It was bound to happen at some point…


Fear of the unknown is a real thing, especially when starting something new.

There are many aspects of this profession I was unaware of and others that I had heard about but not yet experienced.

First was the unknown of the needs and expectations of the job. Could I live full time on the road? Could I handle not having control of my life since my life is dictated by freight? These were quickly answered a big fat yes early on in my career.

Then there were the questions on driving in inclement weather, time management, boredom, loneliness, and overall discontent. Each one of these that I faced and worked through all became sort of badges of honor. A new strength and purpose filled me with happiness and contentment as I remembered that I’m a strong bad assed bitch deep in my core.

Today, another unknown was uncovered.

During training I had asked about blowouts. I had seen blowouts occur even before becoming a professional driver. I spent years escaping through road trips and spending that much time on the road you’re bound to see a thing or two. I had asked my last trainer about blowouts and he told me that they really aren’t a big deal. Of course, being a still unknown thing, the thought of dealing with one filled me with a bit of dread.

Today, while ambling down I-70 with a beautiful blue sky and white puffy clouds ahead, it happened.

This is the aftermath of the blowout. It sounded like a pop, and being a sound I don’t often hear, I immediately looked in my rear view mirror, saw the evidence, and slowly started to get over with my hazards on.

Now, I’m sitting here waiting for assistance. I’m half way between two trucks stops, approximately 30 miles in either direction. Hopefully I won’t have to wait long.

In the meantime, I have a request for all of my lovely readers. If you see someone with their hazard lights on at the side of the road, do me a favor and change lanes. It’s a bit nerve wracking to have cars zooming by at 70+mph.

2 thoughts on “It was bound to happen at some point…

  1. Nancy L Jackson

    Hey girl! You are definitely getting experience in every aspect of driving! Having worked at Oak Harbor Freight Lines, I learned all about trucks and drivers. They were all very good at schooling me and to this day, I appreciate that very much. Hopefully by now you are on your way and enjoying some very nice weather and dry roads. Be safe my friend and keep on keepin on!


  2. Shirley

    Glad you made it safely to the side of the road. Thanks for the reminder about moving over for anyone stuck on the shoulder.

    You need a badge sash.


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