Something is in the air…


Yesterday I picked up my Calgary load. Since I was so close, I decided to swing by our main terminal in Springfield, MO to pick up my mail and a couple of shirts I had ordered.

My route took me on small two lane county roads and away from the hustle and bustle of interstates, and that’s always a good thing by me.

Just west of Jonesboro, AR I saw a small prop-airplane making dips and dives and I smiled. While I always think of North by Northwest when I see crop dusters, its interesting to think they are still in use today.

As he made dips and dives I smiled as I watched him. That is until I got a bit closer. The chemicals he was spraying sent me into a tizzy. My eyes were watering, I was coughing, and generally felt like I wanted a shower. It made me wonder what it must be like to work with those chemicals as well as harvest the food, or even ingest the food. Again, this job has really made me think about where my food comes from.

Another sight along the road (and this is a very geeky moment) was when the sun set behind a bunch of clouds.

I apologize for the blurry picture. There’s only so much I can do with an iPhone.

Suddenly I realized where I had seen that shape before.

Ok so it might be a bit different but hey, work with me here. It’s Amy Pond’s crack in the wall.

If you’re lost, please look up the Doctor Who Series 5-7 featuring Matt Smith as the 11th doctor and his memorable chin.

It should take me another three days to get up to my crossing point in Montana, and then another day to Calgary.

Until then my lovelies, stay awesome. Xoxo

One thought on “Something is in the air…

  1. Nancy L Jackson

    I was so happy to see an email from you! I was at work and waited to get home to read it. You do not disappoint! I am happy you are safe and enjoying your life now. Hope to see you soon!


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