Well here we are my lovelies. In a few days I will hit the roads again but only for two short weeks. I’ll be heading out to finish up the last of my miles with my current student and then she will be taking over Mad Maxine while I move on to my new adventures.

I did it kids. I got hired into Entertainment Hauling. No, I don’t know what concert I’m going to be hauling for. Yes, I will tell you when I know. No, I won’t get you a back stage pass but it’s cute that you think I would.

I have a short break for the Christmas/New Year holidays and then I’m off to the new world.

No more sitting at Walmarts for hours while they unload me. No more hauling gross chicken ooze or having to watch animals being taken to slaughter. Most importantly, I won’t be chasing revenue or miles, and I’ll have access to company healthcare and benefits again.

Sunset over LA

I probably won’t be updating again this year so I wish you all a Happy Yule or <insert December holiday of your choice>, and a very Happy New Year.

Me and my purple hair will see you in 2022. 💋

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