Music and Mayhem


Well hello my lovelies. Yes, I know it’s been a while but it’s been a whirlwind of a year so far.

Meet Redrum Cherrybomb!

New Job, new truck, and new people. Life as a concert hauler is very different from doing food and pharmaceutical logistics. First off, I now work with a team of drivers. Secondly, I’m usually in city centers instead of out in the middle of nowhere. With these new views comes new challenges.

I can now say I’ve driven a truck through Manhattan. (Do not recommend even in the middle of the night)

It does allow for neat sightseeing tho.

The Vessel NYC

I’ve had to get used to not making my own food because of access to catering. Oh, woah is me. They feed me as well as pay me? I know, it’s a hard life but I guess I’ll persevere.

Sometimes I get a great shot set up from another driver and wish I had a better eye to spot moments like these myself.

Thanks to Les for this set up. Sorry everyone, including myself, stole it from you.

Then there are times where I have to be stuck in one place, like New Orleans for 5 days with nothing to do but sightsee.

Erin Rose Frozen Iced Coffee…I may have visited this place one too many times.

Who doesn’t love a good po-boy?

It’s a historic, but rough ride!

Sometimes, I get to watch the shows and enjoy the fruits of our labors.

Coldplay 2022
Nine Inch Nails, Red Rocks, 2022

But more importantly, this job has made me respect live music even more. The number of people you never see that make a show happen is sometimes staggering. From load in to load out, it takes a small army of people from various levels of skills and diverse backgrounds to make the magic happen. You, dear readers get to enjoy the hours upon hours of labor and walk away never the wiser but feeling great after seeing your favorite artist. That is why we do what we do. From the trucking department and backstage crew to the artists. It is all to give you a one of a kind experience that makes you feel good and forget the outside world for just a bit. Seeing the excitement as fans leave a show is truly rewarding. Having fans cheer and wave as we pull out of a venue is awesome and will always make me smile.

So, while I may not write as much as I previously did, just know I’m out here doing what I do for you. Do me a favor; the next time you’re at a show take a moment, put down your phone, take a moment to take it all in from the lights to the stage to the sound, and know it was all for you.