I have no pride…or do I?


One of the most dangerous things a driver can do is blind side back into a parking space. That’s exactly what I just did.

On my last load with my trainer (more on that in a moment) I needed to burn some time and take a much needed shower.

Upon pulling into the only truck stop for 100 miles with spots, the only spots left we’re two blind sided parking spaces.

As I set up for my maneuver, my heart pumping and my stomach churning, I realized there was a truck behind me waiting.

I started to back and realized I was too far back to be successful.

I got out, got a good look at the spot, pulled forward, and started to back again.

Realizing this was going to take me a while, I threw the truck in neutral, pulled out my air brake, and walked up to the waiting truck.

“Hi” I said cheerily. “This is going to take me a while. If you’d like to speed the process up, would you mind spotting me?”

The driver smiled and said “I was going to offer but some people get pissed.”

I laughed and said “Dude, I will always take any offer of assistance.”

The space I had to use was tight but with a bit of back and forth, and with the help of my spotter, I safely got into the spot.

Not too shabby.

Ok lovelies…here is my suggestion. If someone offers to help, take them up on it. Even if you think you got it, taking offered help isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes people just want to be helpful. It’s not always meant as a slight and even if it is, if they want to waste their time helping you do something you could do yourself, what does it really cost you? If they want to brag and bad mouth, who cares? Let the small people puff up their chests and take on airs and be secure in the knowledge that you didn’t need their help and they basically wasted their time.

This has been your friendly PSA from your neighborhood girl wearing a hat.

Now, as promised…dudes and dudettes…I’m done with training after this load!!! Yay! I did it!!! That means I’ll be going back to the yard to upgrade and get my own truck after we make this drop tomorrow (or really later today.)

Since this current trainer picked me up in Springfield, that’s where I’m heading instead of my home terminal of Salt Lake. I’m a bit bummed about that but it’s all good, SLC isn’t going anywhere. There is a waiting list for trucks so it could be more than a week before I get the keys. Don’t worry, there will be a big post and a naming ceremony and that’s where you come in. I’m going to let you help name my truck. Full disclosure, Trucky McTruckface is not an option.

While the wait time makes me sad, I also need a bit of downtime. So instead of waiting in the hotel, I’m going to head down to my onetime home of Tulsa and see my peeps there. Get ready T-Town, I’m invading.

He last few days have been nothing but drizzles and overcast skies, but today I got to drive through the tunnels of Pennsylvania.

I’m not sure why I love tunnels so much but ever since I was a child I always loved the flickering lights as we drove through the tunnels.

No pictures of the actual tunnels because man, they are really tight in a truck. No room for error.

Also on this trip I saw the most amazing thing.

Where were the mommy and me bathrooms while I was raising my kids? Any mother can attest that going to a single stall restroom with small ones is a frustrating and sometimes public event as they most certainly will invariably swing the door wide open on you while you’ve got your undies around your ankles.

Until next time my lovelies. Hit me up if you have any questions. Xoxo