A world of firsts…


Part of this whole life/career change has been about firsts.

We had a day of downtime while we waited for our next load and to speak to various people at our company about what they wanted us to do on Monday.

***Readers digest version: I didn’t get paid last week because I changed from part one of training to part two and the cut off days are different. To make matters worse, the reason we are in Washington is so I can change over my permit to an actual CDL but Washington says my scores have not been uploaded yet. It’s all one big Le Sigh…***

We started yesterday being extremely lazy but it was time to start the day and for me to experience my first Truck Stop Shower. When I received my ticket above I giggled because being told to go to shower #1 was more accurate than they realized.

Ok folks, here’s a pro tip: If you’re ever on a really long road trip and you just need to take a shower, hit up your local Loves, Pilot, Flying J, TA, <insert truck stop of your choice>, and buy a shower. They range from $12-$15 and you’ll thank me. Take a look below.

The facilities are relatively clean (I’m being optimistic since I’ve only seen one. Trust me dear readers, when my experience changes you’ll be the first to know) and they provided towels and a washcloth. This shower even had a soap dispenser in case you’re really unprepared.

There was no time limit and the hot water felt glorious so I stood under the stream for what felt like an hour. Washing the grime off of your body when living on the road is not only a necessity but it just feels so damned good.

Since I’m now a professional driver, which I’m still trying to wrap my head around, having reward card is key to my success and comfort. When you make a purchase and scan your card you get points but more importantly when you get diesel you get points towards using the showers and a drink. For Loves, here is what they say about their program:

“Drink Refills and Shower Credits

When you fuel a minimum of 50 gallons of commercial diesel, you automatically receive credit for a free shower and free fountain drink refill (coffee, soda or tea) of up to 44 ounces.  The credits must be redeemed within 7 days from the time of the commercial diesel purchase for Base level and within 10 days from the time of the commercial diesel purchase for Gold level.”

So getting fuel, which I have to do anyway, can score me free coffee and a free shower? Hell to the yeah! Of course you don’t fuel up everyday but on the days I do it’s going to be like hitting the proverbial jackpot in my world.

Right now I’m waiting for my partner in crime to wake up so we can go pick up this load and start heading to Camden, NJ. I may be jumping off the truck in Chicago, or I may ride all the way to the East Coast and hole up in a hotel room somewhere on the company’s dime. Either way I’m on the night shift. I’ve now reset my internal clock from having to be a morning person to back where I firmly belong as a night owl. I’m ready to rock this mutha.

And so it begins…


Today starts the first leg of my journey into becoming a truck driver. In a few hours I will say goodbye to the Olympic Peninsula that I have called home this last year and will set off in a Greyhound (ick, I know but it’s what the company provides) towards Salt Lake City, UT. I will spend 4 days in orientation before joining my trainer on the road.

There are many unknown factors in all of this and to make matters worse, I have a head cold that makes me feel like I’m about to explode.