Hurry up and wait…


So here I am in Springfield waiting, waiting, and while I’m at it I’m waiting.

In all seriousness, I’m really enjoying being out of a truck and having some space to myself.

Springfield, has a bit of everything. While I love me some Salt Lake, Springfield makes everything a bit more comfortable and easy.

There are plenty of restaurants and shopping in walking distance, not to mention a damned good restaurant in my hotel with a killer ribeye and a bartender who loves new challenges.

I’ve taken my last class and test to prove I know what I’m doing (and scored 98% with a 2 point deduction because I was riding the clutch) so now I just need to finish a few more computer based trainings, get my name on the list, and wait for my new truck.

In the meantime I’ve been catching up on sleep, doing laundry, enjoying having a day off outside of a truck and truck stop, and basically remembering what life was like before I changed professions. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life, but it’s nice to get off a truck every once in a while.

I also finally got to see Black Panther and my geek self is satisfied for the moment.

Tomorrow I have a bunch of meetings on the books and then I’m running away for a few days to see people I haven’t seen in too long.

One thought on “Hurry up and wait…

  1. Nancy L Jackson

    Sounds like things are going fine with you my friend! I just celebrated my birthday yesterday. Very nice time with family and friends. Enjoy your time off, have some fun, and be safe. Oh, the steak looks amazing! Yum!


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