I’ve been waiting for it…


Today it finally happened. I was asked the question I’ve been waiting for: “How can you do your job in a dress?”

So, I get a lot of strange looks while at truck stops. Mostly because, well I’m not your normal looking truck driver. It doesn’t bother me. I figure, if they are gawking at me then they know where I am and I’m less likely to get hit. I’m sure seeing my bare legs and combat boots confuses some people, but it shouldn’t. I can still get under my trailer to make sure the locking jaws are fully engaged regardless of if I have pants on or not.

Winter is over so my strong aversion to pants is back in full swing. Now, I’m not wearing my best skirts while doing this job, but even if I was it’s my prerogative. 99% of my job is driving. It doesn’t matter what I do that in as long as I’m meeting the legal standards of having those naughty bits covered (but would you know if I didn’t?)

What was really surprising is how long it took someone to speak up and ask me. I’m sure I’ve received plenty of snide remarks where I can’t hear them (or been pointed out on a cd) but to finally have someone man up and ask me to my face…well I’m just surprised it took them so long.

So my answer was honest and without a shred of hesitation when I sweetly said “The same as if I was wearing pants expect more comfortably.”

I received an email from someone asking how I keep from being bored. The key is audiobooks. I’m taking a bit of a break from my usual sword and sorcery fare to listen to Ready, Player One.

I read this book years ago…or rather I devoured it. I loved it and I loved the movie. I thought they did a good job and it was a fun ride.

I used to try to listen to audiobooks but…I always had a hard time keeping my focus still long enough to really absorb it. This job is perfect for audiobooks. I sometimes have hundreds of miles before I need to make a turn or maneuver and it’s a great way to keep my mind sharp and occupied while watching the road go by. I do find myself turning it off during times of heavy traffic or when going through hellacious places like Atlanta. (Have I mentioned I hate driving around Atlanta?) So audiobooks have been an amazing aspect of this job.

One of the things I like about them is that I’m finding that the pacing helps me to really absorb what’s going on. One of my newest favorite series is the Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas. I’ve read those books so many times that I didn’t think I would get much out of listening to them. I was very wrong. I picked up on nuances I missed the many times I read them.

So audiobooks all the way.

If you have any questions for me, drop me a line.

Until next time my lovelies. Xoxo

One thought on “I’ve been waiting for it…

  1. Nancy L Jackson

    Hi TJ! Men are funny beings. They think the world is all about them, but we know better. I am so glad the sunshine is here, tho I think the rain is returning this weekend. I guess things are going much better at HLO. Lisa seems happier. Keep your eyes on the road and be safe. Until next time……


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