And then there was a bang…


Driving during long stretches of nothing can be relatively tedious. There is only so much green I can handle before I become jaded to its beauty.

While driving down the backroads of Alabama, lost in thought and listening to an audio book, I was enjoying the fact that I was the only one on the road. The closest car was at least a half a mile ahead of me and the oncoming traffic was light.

Then suddenly, the loud sound of a boom and my ears are ringing. As I canceled my cruise control, gripping my steering wheel a bit harder, I looked out my side mirrors to see if I blew a trailer tire. This isn’t something that I’m familiar with but my last trainer said it will sound like a gun going off. A quick glance and no shredding rubber, no smoke, and most importantly no change in control.

As my eyes swept back and forth to mirror trying to figure out what that sound was and that’s when I saw it.

It’s larger than a quarter and the glass is completely cracked all the way through. (Yes I know my truck is also really dirty) I never saw what hit me. After seeing Avengers, I’d like to think that it was Ant Man that created the crater.

I realized that this may not have happened if Zilla was guarding my front window. He’s been stationed looking out the side window to watch the scenery and guard my passenger side door.

We had a talk and I convinced him that he would have a better view if he was standing looking forward. After much cajoling and a treat or two he finally relented.

Now hopefully he will be able to alert me to any further oncoming projectiles.

3 thoughts on “And then there was a bang…

  1. Nancy L Jackson

    So what does a girls do driving the back roads of Alabama with a broken windshield? Looks like something hit pretty hard! Stay safe girlfriend!


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